servicesInventory Counts for Gas Stations, C-Stores, Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores & all Retail Establishments

Advanced Inventory Systems is located in Vero Beach, FL, and provides services to the entire state. Since our business started in 1996, our staff members have developed new and different ways through retail technology to become some of the best inventory auditors in the state providing inventory control and accurate counts. Our company reaches beyond the limits of inventory auditors and creates individualized reports reflecting sales, profit or loss, retail pricing schedules, and any additional information necessary to assist the recipient in making steps to have a more successful business. The findings of our inventory auditors as reported through retail technology make it possible to discover and report operational weaknesses that may be correctable.

For any retail business, inventory control is paramount. Business owners and managers must be aware of what items are being received, being sold or being left on the shelves. Additionally, one of the big values in inventory control is being able to pinpoint any ongoing in house theft. Keeping accurate and up-to-date inventory records is vitally important and with the help of qualified inventory auditors and retail technology, it is attainable.

Businesses sometimes use in-house employees, close their stores during the periods of counting or make counts after working hours. However, external inventory auditors can complete this task more discreetly and during operational times, have a more accurate count and allow for sales at the same time. We use the most modern retail technology computers on the market today in all businesses we serve in Florida.

We have built our business here in FL, on honesty and integrity and we strive always to deliver to our customers, the service they are seeking with inventory auditors who can be trusted. Through the hard work of our inventory auditing experts, we can provide our clients in the state with the most accurate information available.